Should you require assistance in using any other accounting software, please ask. My background, besides as a Chartered Accountant, is in the selection and implementation of accounting software that meets the needs of the business. There are many Apps that link to Xero to give extra functionality.

Systems often extend beyond just accounting systems and I can research what is available to meet your needs. We can work together to get the best systems in place for your business.

If you are looking for a new bank account, why not use Starling? You can Apply for Starling Bank here

Do you want to set up payment systems that link to Xero? I can help you set up GoCardless for direct debit collection and Stripe to set up payment by card. Card payment can be done by your customer clicking on a link on the invoice.

If looking for an HR solution to keep staff records in the cloud I recommend Breathe HR. I can help you set this up for your team.

To include an Approval for sales or purchases then you can add on the app ApprovalMax. This enables documents to be sent from Xero by a workflow system you have set up to the appropriate person for authorisation. This authorisation is held against the record on Xero. Ask me how you can set this up.

Debtor management can be assisted by Satago. This can assist your Xero systems by adding automatically sending statements and thank you emails for payments. Satago also monitors the credit rating of your customers and you are informed of changes. Ask me if you want this additional feature.

So whatever your business I can help – manufacturing to retail, training to recruitment.

Let us get the right systems in place to grow your business.





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