When setting up a new company, Halecroft Recruitment, Tricia wanted to be in control of finance but also needed to work on her recruitment business and so she decided to outsource the finance function. Tricia was also keen to get a greater understanding of finance and was looking for general business support.

“Sue has supported the business finance since 2016 and I know the finance is in safe hands. Sue has also given me greater understanding of business finance”

Tricia Bullman, Managing Director

I had known the directors of Ultimate for some time through networking and so when their need for a replacement accountant arose, they came to me. I found, typically of many businesses they were using Sage but that was time-consuming and unwieldy for their creative business. I implemented Xero and set up simpler systems to provide up to date management information. The accounting time has been reduced and the paper has been reduced by use of emailed sales invoices.

“As a director of Ultimate, the ability to have access to our company finance at any time is invaluable as we grow the company”

Jon Walker, Managing Director

Social Communications outsourced their finance function to a local firm of accountants. Unfortunately, this meant that they were always making management decisions based on old historic data. With the company planning a growth strategy, they needed to bring finance in house but without employing someone to do this. As outsourced FD my first job was to use in-house software and Xero fitted the bill. John and his fellow director Caty could initially enter the data and I could ensure accuracy until a part-time accountant could be employed. My involvement is to now support the growth of the initial business and the new subsidiary companies, while providing guidance to the in-house accountant.

” Sue has given is so much more visibility of your business finance. With an outsourced solution, our figures were always out of date. We are now looking forward to growing the business with Sue’s support and guidance”

John Quinton-Barber, Managing Director

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